PRECEPT: A New Generation of Smart Buildings
15th October, 2021
Sepsis: a new study paving the way for the development of new biomarkers for organ failure and of new therapy targets
27th September, 2021
SEAwise: the European project on sustainable fishery kicks off
21st September, 2021
HELMeTO rewards HocLab research on flipped learning
17th September, 2021
Quantum computing: a more efficient model thanks to deep learning
16th September, 2021
#Open17ClimateGender – Crowd4SDG
15th September, 2021
A strategic approach to increase the resilience of river deltas: the case of the Mekong River
6th September, 2021
REFINE: mixed reality and artificial intelligence for immersive surgery
3rd September, 2021
PRO-ID: a new device for identification of proteins
1st September, 2021
ELO-X: Intelligent and Autonomous Systems Using Machine Learning and Embedded Optimisation
31st August, 2021
The Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation awards the best 2021 PhD students in Information Technology
30th August, 2021
Final presentation of DATALIFE – a joint event by POLIMI, NYU and DELCON
5th August, 2021
Fabio Bonassi wins the International Federation for Automatic Control Young Author Award
29th July, 2021
Photonic technologies and communication networks: the Passion project comes to an end
29th July, 2021
ADA 270: the first phase of the project on the Adamello glacier has been completed
27th July, 2021
Chiara Guazzoni appointed ambassador of the city of Milan
23rd July, 2021
Quantum technology at the service of cyber security
22nd July, 2021
ACCEPT: the testing of the sensorized wall for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy begins
19th July, 2021
RecSys Challenge 2021: first place for Politecnico di Milano’s team
16th July, 2021
Integrated Photonics: the optical chip that routes broadband data
15th July, 2021
HoloZcan: a New Technology for Detecting Potential Bio-Threats
12th July, 2021
Nicola Gatti appointed EurAI Fellow 2021
8th July, 2021
Francesco Zanetto wins the SIE award for the best doctoral thesis
7th July, 2021
Politecnico di Milano and Centro Cardiologico Monzino together for medical research on the heart
7th July, 2021
Viola Schiaffonati joins the European Commission Expert group on AI and Data in Education and Training
6th July, 2021
PoliMOVE won first place in the IAC Simulation Race
1st July, 2021
Artery: augmented reality and artificial intelligence in the future of cardiovascular operations
30th June, 2021
An article on the operating room of the future has been awarded by the Annuals of Biomedical Engineering
29th June, 2021
Paolo Rocco joins the Board of euRobotics
17th June, 2021
From the agreement with STMicroelectronics a new research center on advanced materials for sensors
15th June, 2021
The ACCEPT project nominated for the New European Bauhaus Award
11th June, 2021
A new benefit-cost model for climate policies
10th June, 2021
Change at the top of Cefriel: Stefano Tubaro appointed vice-chairman of the BoD
3rd June, 2021
RehabTech master: in-presence laboratory teaching has started
1st June, 2021
A new partnership to improve proton therapy for cancer treatment
1st June, 2021
A new epidemiological index for SARS-CoV-2 transmission
31st May, 2021
Luca Mottola appointed as General Chair for CPS-IoT WEEK 2022
28th May, 2021
The Graduation Award Nicoletta Gazzea goes to Federica Guerrini
26th May, 2021
Stefano Zanero is among the 50 personalities of Italian cybersecurity according to Italian Tech
24th May, 2021
Sustainable Dam Planning: the Importance of the Filling Phase
24th May, 2021
PoliHam: the amateur radio club of the Politecnico di Milano is born
21st May, 2021
Politecnico di Milano is a partner of the HERMES project
19th May, 2021
Noemi Garau of CartCasLab has been awarded with the Progetto Roberto Rocca Visiting Student Fellowship
18th May, 2021
TEXTAROSSA: the new project on High Performance Computing co-funded by the EuroHPC JU
14th May, 2021
BiomimX wins first place in the 2021 Cross the Bridge competition
13th May, 2021
Violinmaking meets artificial intelligence
12th May, 2021
ICT4DEV: the project for the development of ICT in Mozambique funded by AICS is about to kick off
7th May, 2021
Prof. Samuele Grillo has won the IEEE PES 2020 Outstanding Chapter Volunteer Award
3rd May, 2021
“Prof. Florian Daniel” PhD Thesis Award, selections are open
27th April, 2021
Alfathon: among the finalists an app designed by four NECSTLab students
23rd April, 2021
Vaccination campaign and COVID-19: a study on possible scenarios has been published on Nature Medicine
20th April, 2021
Politecnico di Milano partner of the consortium that today kicks off the Horizon 2020 CORE-MD project
16th April, 2021
YAPE, the autonomous vehicle that is going to revolutionize logistics
16th April, 2021
Prof. Castelletti’s study on strategic dam planning in the Mekong won the Aspen Institute Italia Award
31st March, 2021
Donatella Sciuto amongst IBM Women Leaders in AI
19th March, 2021
Dataroom's news report about Savager, a cooperation between Arpa Lombardia and Politecnico di Milano
18th March, 2021
The AutoDrive project has successfully come to an end
18th March, 2021
European Space Agency co-funds a HEAP Lab research project on Spacecraft Computers
10th March, 2021
The paper “COVID-19 Spatial Diffusion: A Markovian Agent-Based Model” has been issued on Mathematics
9th March, 2021
Special Topics in Information Technology: second volume out now
3rd March, 2021
Umberto Spagnolini is the Director of JLab between Politecnico di Milano and Huawei
1st March, 2021
Crowd4SDG is contributing to the next edition of the Geneva Trialogue
1st March, 2021
EMOTY - “Donate” your voice in favor of science!
17th February, 2021
The innovative virtual reality headset that can measure heart rate and respiratory frequency
12th February, 2021
Integrated Design of Dam Size and Operations via Reinforcement Learning - Best Research Oriented Paper
11th February, 2021
5th February, 2021
Switch2Product: four of the projects presented by DEIB won the innovation challenge
4th February, 2021
RAPTOR is recruiting a PhD student for CartCasLab’s team
3rd February, 2021
High-Performance MEMS Gyroscope developed by Politecnico di Milano and CEA-Leti
29th January, 2021
Indy Autonomous Challenge: silver medal for team PolimOve in Hackathon#3
28th January, 2021
Batman meets PoliCultura
27th January, 2021
Huawei “HMS App Innovation” - PeakLens wins the “Most Popular App” prize
20th January, 2021
AI-SPRINT “Artificial intelligence in Secure PRIvacy-preserving computing coNTinuum”
19th January, 2021
BASE 5G: 5G Networks and Smart Environments
12th January, 2021
Observation of fluctuation-mediated picosecond nucleation of a topological phase
11th January, 2021
Innovative tools and solutions for governing the water-energy-food-ecosystems NEXUS under global change (GoNEXUS)
23rd December, 2020
H2020 CLINT - Climate Intelligence: Extreme events detection, attribution, and adaptation design using machine learning
23rd December, 2020
International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC) 2020 - Best Paper Award
21st December, 2020
HiPEAC 2020 - Technology Transfer Award
21st December, 2020
Politecnico di Milano and Huawei - prof. Spagnolini Huawei Industry Chair
18th December, 2020
Polisocial Award 2020 - SAFER
17th December, 2020
More than one million barriers fragment Europe’s rivers
17th December, 2020
PoliSocial Award 2020 - MakingMEV
17th December, 2020
Agreement between Politecnico di Milano and IMQ
17th December, 2020
A phonon, the smallest portion of a sound wave, has been “heard”
16th December, 2020
H2020 - ARCOS, the project for enhancing the security of the Arctic region
15th December, 2020
NeurIPS - Best paper award
15th December, 2020
IA in the Savager project, cooperation between Arpa Lombardia and Politecnico di Milano
9th December, 2020
Excalate4CoV - The most complex supercomputing experiment ever carried out in the world
1st December, 2020
Giorgia Meschini wins the XXII Christoph Schmelzer Award
30th November, 2020
River Networks as Ecological Corridors, Species, Populations, Pathogens by Prof. Marino Gatto
27th November, 2020
Double Student Paper Award for RadLab at IEEE NSS 2020
27th November, 2020
Minimally invasive telesurgery - NearLab
27th November, 2020
COVID 19 - ViruSurf, a study by the Politecnico di Milano to understand the secrets of viral sequences
27th November, 2020
Two PhD students (RadLab) awarded for Best Student Paper - IEEE NSS 2020 (international conference)
26th November, 2020
Professor Caiani appointed national expert within the Thematic Table of Integrated Physiology of the Italian Space Agency
23rd November, 2020
The DEIB Virtual Museum
23rd November, 2020
PERISCOPE project - Data Science Lab
23rd November, 2020
Potential for sustainable irrigation expansion in a 3 °C warmer climate
23rd November, 2020
A backpack measures the vital parameters - pioNIRS
19th November, 2020
Mithraeum of Circus Maximus at ACM SENSYS 2020
19th November, 2020
DIDAMATiCA 2020 "Smarter School for Smart Cities" - Best paper award
18th November, 2020
ACM MobiCom Best Paper Award to Luca Mottola and NESLab
10th November, 2020
15 Marie Curie PhD positions - cutting edge research in embedded learning and optimization at top EU universities and companies
10th November, 2020
APROPOS project - Marie Curie Innovative Training Networks
10th November, 2020
2020 NII International Internship Program
5th November, 2020
Interview with Prof. Guido Maier on Network Digital 360
29th October, 2020
Mapping spatiotemporal diffusion of COVID-19 in Lombardy (Italy) on the base of Emergency Medical Services activities
29th October, 2020
Agreement with NTT DATA
29th October, 2020
ESSENCE 2020 - Empathic platform to personally monitor, Stimulate, enrich, and assist Elders and Children in their Environment
28th October, 2020
2021 EGU Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award - Matteo Giuliani
23rd October, 2020
Prof. Stefano Zanero distinguished speaker at ACM
23rd October, 2020
A network model of Italy shows that intermittent regional strategies can alleviate the COVID-19 epidemic
21st October, 2020
Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation awards to the best PhD students
15th October, 2020
Prof. Prandini vice chair of International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC)
14th October, 2020
Programming the light - A review paper on Nature signed by Politecnico di Milano
9th October, 2020
MOVE and Ducati on the road with the new Multistrada V4
8th October, 2020 - Politecnico on the podium
7th October, 2020
PoliMOVE Team in the Season ONE of Roborace
7th October, 2020
XSystem - Spin off
6th October, 2020
dEsign enVironmEnt foR Extreme-Scale big data analytics on heterogeneous platforms
5th October, 2020
PoliMOVE won the first competitive step (hackaton#2) of the Indy Autonomous Challenge
23rd September, 2020
ACM MobiCom Best Paper Award to Luca Mottola and NESLab
23rd September, 2020
Clinical Needs Translational Award - Prof. Enrico Caiani
17th September, 2020
The geography of COVID-19 spread in Italy and implications for the relaxation of confinement measures
16th September, 2020
#Open17Water Challenge - Crowd4SDG
9th September, 2020
uropean Society of Cardiology Fellow - Enrico Gianluca Caiani
4th September, 2020
A Politecnico di Milano study reveals the DNA "grammar"
3rd September, 2020
2019 IEEE AP/ED/MTT North Italy Chapter Thesis Award - Matteo Farronato
2nd September, 2020
ACM GETMOBILE cover page for NESLab’s FlyZone drone testbed
2nd September, 2020
Marco Rasponi - Executive board member of the European Organ-on-Chip Society (EUROoCS)
2nd September, 2020
YUMI, the collaborative robot to analyse serological tests
2nd September, 2020
pioNIRS - Società SPIN-OFF
3rd August, 2020
“Ethics of digital health tools” - Enrico Gianluca Caiani
3rd August, 2020
LAMP- Shaping IoT Security - Società spin-off
31st July, 2020
Survey: "Sustainability at University - Themes and challenges"
17th July, 2020
Fuzzy Goals for Requirements-Driven Adaptation - Prof. Luciano BARESI
16th July, 2020
EXSCALATE4CoV (E4C) project - the most powerful supercomputing platform in the world
16th July, 2020
Giovanni Agosta interviewed by The Next Platform web TV - RECIPE
10th July, 2020
Leonardo Drone Contest
7th July, 2020
AWESOME - Managing Water, Ecosystems and Food Across Sectors and Scales in the South Mediterranean
7th July, 2020
Being a Researcher - An Informatics Perspective, by Carlo Ghezzi
6th July, 2020
EU Horizon 2020 AMBER (Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers) project - prof. Castelletti
6th July, 2020
Stefano Zanero represents Politecnico at SCCG
6th July, 2020
Electric cars: a possible and convenient transition? - A study by the mOve Lab
25th June, 2020
Open Seventeen (O17) Summer Challenge
4th June, 2020
Instructions for the restraint of the infection
4th June, 2020
Business Tech Forum - May 25th e 26th
28th May, 2020
Andrea Aliverti selected as a Fellow of the European Respiratory Society
28th May, 2020
21st May, 2020
The view from Italy: educational response to COVID 19
15th May, 2020
DEIB team took part in the EUvsVirus Hackathon
12th May, 2020
Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) - PoliMOVE
8th May, 2020
Ketonet, the app for the management of the ketogenic diet
30th April, 2020
Modelling the COVID-19 epidemic and implementation of population-wide interventions in Italy
29th April, 2020
ARTINESS is the winner of the second Vodafone "ACTION FOR 5G" call
21st April, 2020
A graph-based meta-model for heterogeneous data management
17th April, 2020
Risks and problems of an app to contain the contagion from COVID-19 - Interview with Stefano Zanero
17th April, 2020
Nothing will be more like before - Alfonso Fuggetta
16th April, 2020
An algorithm for playing together 10,000 km away
16th April, 2020
A study about impact of containment measures on spread of COVID-19
16th April, 2020
IEEE Access 2019 Outstanding Associate Editor Award to Giambattista Gruosso
7th April, 2020
5G, the great opportunity for small businesses - Interview with Antonio Capone
7th April, 2020
31st March, 2020
Sala delle Asse - Follow the restoration
31st March, 2020
Foundations of context-aware preference propagation
31st March, 2020
DIH-HERO against COVID-19 emergency
31st March, 2020
MADE: The Polimi Competence Center
23rd March, 2020
Aperiquiz, the first virtual pub quiz!
23rd March, 2020
Politecnico di Milano according to QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020.
23rd March, 2020
Exscalate4CoV project: faster drug discovery to fight the Coronavirus
16th March, 2020
La didattica per la scuola ai tempi del covid-19 - Di Blas
13th March, 2020
Amazon Personalize - Paolo Cremonesi
12th March, 2020
ACM-W: supporting, celebrating and supporting women in computer science
12th March, 2020
Advanced neurotechnologies for the restoration of motor function
12th March, 2020
Cybathlon - Moving people and technology
6th March, 2020
Polimi research for more sustainable artificial intelligence
4th March, 2020
Francesco Casella Director of the Open Source Modelica Consortium
25th February, 2020
Thesis award "Giovanni Marra" - City of Milan
19th February, 2020
Young Investigator Award at Photonics West 2020
19th February, 2020
CAEN Best Young Speaker Award 2020
19th February, 2020
Investigating Italian disinformation spreading on Twitter in the context of 2019 European elections
11th February, 2020
UNPark | Urban Nudging Park - Polisocial award 2019
4th February, 2020
TWIN | Trekking, Walking and cycling for Inclusion - Polisocial award 2019
4th February, 2020
Topology comparison of Twitter diffusion networks effectively reveals misleading information
4th February, 2020
30th January, 2020
ACTS | A Chance Through Sport
29th January, 2020
Informatics Higher Education Data Portal
29th January, 2020
GIFT | enGIneering For sporT for all
29th January, 2020
Life-saving bracelet - QR code
21st January, 2020
16th January, 2020
ATMOSPHERE H2020 European project - Final review
16th January, 2020
What does the cyber blitz mean Accenture on Symantec. By prof. Zanero (PoliMi)
16th January, 2020
ACCEPT - PoliSocial Award 2019
16th January, 2020
Premio CEI - Miglior Tesi di Laurea organizzato dal Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano
14th January, 2020
The first drone piloted thanks to the 5G network
13th January, 2020
CyberChallenge.IT 2020
9th January, 2020