Nanoparticle-enhance radiotherapy and 3D tumour models
Tumoroid consisting of an artifi cial cancer mass (ACM):stromal surrounding GNP
concentration ratio 5:1, the ACM of approximate concentration 0.02 mgAu/mL. a) Microscopic
appearance (TEM) of tumoroid photographed in (b). The boundary between ACM and stroma
is evident as a difference in collagen density, the greatest difference in collagen greyscale
mapped as a dashed line to estimate the cancer/stromal boundary; collagen is more dense
within the ACM (above dashed line) and stromal collagen less dense (below dashed line).
GNP containing vesicles are visible within the cells
Dr. Kate Ricketts
University College London – London – UK

DEIB - Alpha Room (building 24, ground floor)
June 20th, 2018
12.00 pm

Chiara Guazzoni

Research Line:
Radiation detectors and applications