Digital electronic systems Laboratory


The lab activities are focused on the development of electronics systems on printed circuit boards, integrating commercially-available components as well as new devices and integrated circuits developed by the other Electronics Labs at Politecnico di Milano. The latter custom integrated circuits are manufactured in external silicon foundries and are wire bonded and mounted in packages inside the lab thanks to a dedicated tool. Packages can also be sealed under nitrogen atmosphere. In the laboratory, multilevel boards are routinely designed, and components (SMD included) are mounted. In-house PCB realization is instead limited to two levels.
Within these activities, the design of digital electronic instruments for signal processing based on programmable devices (microprocessors, DSP and FPGA) has been pursued since 1992. The activity is mainly focused on the development, prototyping and engineering of hardware, firmware and software architectures for very-high-performance digital processing of signals and data with real time massive algorithmic treatment constraints.
The application fields range from the treatment of the signals coming from radiation detectors to video-signals and image conditioning, from digital control to avionic systems. Such activities are carried out in the framework of research contracts with industrial partners and/or collaboration agreement with scientific institutions. Up to now, about one hundred publications on peer reviewed international journals and international conference proceedings have been published.
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The activity takes place in laboratories located in Building 24 of the electronics section of DEIB, in C. Golgi 40.