LOOMS Laboratory


The modelling of complex physical systems requires modern paradigms, where models are assembled in a modular way by hierarchical aggregation of simpler models, each having a direct correspondence with a physical component or sub-system.
In order to describe each component in a natural and physically based way, it is necessary to follow an a-casual approach, where causality is only defined at the global model level, and the burden of doing this is left to simulation tool.
The modelling language and the simulation tools should be based on the modern object-oriented concepts of software engineering, maximizing the re-use of existing and model libraries.
The research activity carried out by the LOOMS laboratory, based in Cremona, follows two directions. The first one focuses on general concepts and methods of object-oriented modelling, whit particular emphasis on the Modelica language and tools. The other one consists on application studies, particularly in the fields of mechatronic, automotive, energy, and space system.

Information service

The laboratory is located at the Cremona Campus, Via Sesto 41.