Computer Laboratory for Environmental Systems - LITA


The LITA lab ( Laboratorio di Informatica Territoriale e Ambientale, meaning laboratory for computer engineering applied to the land use and environment), hosts research activites of the “Planning and management of environmental systems” research group. The main activity is the development of computer models to support management and planning decisions dealing with environment and land problems. The main research areas deal with:
  • Atmospheric pollution
    Models for the analysis and control of the diffusions of pollutants in the atmosphere (ozone, PM10, ...)
  • Water pollution
    Models for the analysis and control of water eutrophyzation.
  • Water resource system modelling and management
    Modelling and control of complex water resource systems. Decision support systems for participatory and integrated planning and management during climate and socio-economic change.
  • Structure, behaviour and management of ecosystems
    Models for the study of interacting biological populations, of disease epidemics and of extinction risk analysis. Sustainable management of biological resources.
  • Climate change and energy production
    Study of the effects of climate changes on the ecosystems. Development of energy plans based on biomass recovery.

Information service

The LITA lab is situated at the second floor of the building 33 (Viale Rimembranze di Lambrate n. 14), has about 100 m2 of floor space, and is equipped with a network of PC's, with a huge environmental data base.