Automatic Control Laboratory


The Automatic Control lab at Politecnico di Milano hosts the experimental devices supporting the research on control systems:
  • the ABB IRB 140, a 6-axis industrial robot, with a payload of 6 kg, used for studies in human-robot interaction control;
  • a linear motor actuating a parallel kinematic machine;
  • flexible manipulators prototypes controlled through vision sensors;
  • an emulator of an automated plant.

The laboratory is involved in several projects in the field of vehicle control and hosts:
  • some motorcycles, used as a basis for studying problems such as the control of semi-active suspensions, electronic throttle control (ride-by-wire), traction control and braking control;
  • a remotely controlled “Quad” vehicle;
  • some electrical bicycles in experimental configuration;
  • some electrical scooters in experimental configuration;
  • a UAV in quadrotor configuration, used for research activity on identification and control for rotorcraft vehicles.

In the research field on electric vehicles, the lab is endowed with a sophisticated test bench for batteries, and with a test bench for lightweight two wheels vehicles.

The Automatic Control lab is also specialized in the development of detailed software simulators of power plants.
  • Equipment

  • Fig. 1. SCARABEO: model of a discrete event plant
    Fig. 2. ABB IRB140 6-axis industrial robot

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    Information service

    The lab is situated at the second floor of building 18 of the Department, via Ponzio 34/5. Laboratories are open during the normal department opening hours.