Associate Professor
Curriculum Vitae

The scientific interests of the Dr. Gruosso regard the following research areas:

  • 1)Modellization and analysis of electromagnetic devices by means of analytical and numerical techniques. The activity is devoted to the identification of models for the simulation integrated with the electric and electronic circuits.
  • 2)Modellization of magnetic materials. The research is devoted to the identification of models of magnetic isteresys for characterization of magnetic materials for the electric circuits. Therefore, in the research are analysed the static and dynamic micromagnetics phenomena for the study of the behavior of thin film and magnetic memories.
  • 3)The development of numerical method based on the finite Formulation of the electromagnetism for the analysis of electromagnetic field. Most of the research regards the simulation of electric and magnetic sensors and actuators.
  • 4) Optimisation techniques for the design of electric and magnetic devices.
  • 5) The development of techniques for the simulation of nonlinear electric circuits such as obscilators and switched networks.


Campus: Bld. 22 - Via Golgi 42
Floor: 4
Office: 414
Ph.: 3696
Fax:: 3574

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