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Franca Garzotto is an Associate Professor of Computer Engineering at the Department of Electronics and Information, Politecnico di Milano. She has a Degree in Mathematics from the University of Padova (Italy) and a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano. Since she joined the Politecnico di Milano, her theoretical research has focused on topics related to (hyper)document modeling, hypermedia design methods, usability engineering, multichannel web application models, adaptive hypermedia, human-computer interaction, while her applied research has mainly addressed the domain of e-learning and e-culture. She is (co-)author of over 80 publications in international conference proceedings, journals, and books. In the academic year 2005-06, Franca Garzotto’s teaching activity includes: - 3 undergraduate courses (Multimedia Tools and Techniques – Faculty of Industrial Design; Hypermedia Applications – Faculty of Computer Engineering; Human Computer Interaction - Faculty of Computer Engineering) - 2 graduate courses (Interaction Design - Faculty of Industrial Design, Laboratory of Human Computer Interaction- Faculty of Computer Engineering) Franca Garzotto has been tutorial chair or member of the technical program committee of several editions of international conferences: ACM Hypertext and Hypermedia, ACM Multimedia, IFIP INTERACT, ICHIM, WebNet, ED-Media, Museums and the Web. She served as Co-Chair of a number of international workshops and conferences, including: The First International Workshop on "Evaluation and Quality Criteria for Multimedia Applications"(S. Francisco - CA, November 1995); The First International Workshop on "Hypermedia Design" (Montpellier – France, June 1996); ICHIM01, the largest conference worldwide on Information technology and Cultural Heritage (Milano, September 2001). She was European chair of ACM SIG-WEB (ACM Special Interest Group on Hypermedia & Web) from 1997 to 1999. Since 1988, Franca Garzotto has been involved in many EC funded research projects: INDOC, SUPERDOC, MINER, HYTEA, HYPERTOUR, SITMOON, UWA, OPENDRAMA, VNET5, HELP, MINERVA, EPOCH. She has been project manager for the Politecnico di Milano in three EU funded projects in the field of e-learning: TELL - Towards Effective network supported coLLaborative learning activities, ADAPT – Adaptivity and adaptability in ODL based on ICT, ELEN – A network of e-learning Centers. She is currently Member of the Board of Directors of the EC funded Network of Excellence EPOCH European Research Network on Excellence in Processing Open Cultural Heritage (IST-2002- 507382). From 1991 to 1995, she worked as a consultant of major national and international companies (including SIEMENS Munich). In 2002, she acted as project manager for the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage in the project “Feasibility Study for the Portal of Italian Cultural Heritage”.


Campus: Bld. 20 - Via Ponzio
Floor: 1
Office: 134
Ph.: 3505
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