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Emilio Matricciani was born in Bussi sul Tirino, Italy, in 1952. After serving in the Italian Army he received the Laurea degree in Electronics Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy, in 1978. He joined the Politecnico di Milano in 1978 as recipient of a research scholarship, and in 1981, he became Ricercatore Confermato of Electrical Communications. In 1987, he joined Università di Padova, Italy, as Professore di II fascia of Microwaves. In 2001, he qualified as Professore di I fascia of Telecommunications. Since 1991, he works with Politecnico di Milano as Professore di II fascia of Telecommunications.
His research interests include satellite communications for fixed and mobile systems, deep-space communications, radio propagation at millimetre waves, rain effects on satellite system design, history of science, technology and telecommunication.
Most of his early experimental and theoretical activities have been carried out in the framework of propagation and communication experiments devised in the ‘70s and ‘80s at Politecnico di Milano by Francesco Carassa and Aldo Paraboni (satellites Sirio and Italsat). In the ‘90s and in the 10's , he has conducted extensive research on communications with mobile terminals running in the rain and linked to satellites in the geostationary orbits, or in lower orbits, and on developing rain attenuation prediction models useful to predict first order (probability distributions) and second order (fade durations, rates of change, unavailability during the time of the day) statistics for satellite systems design.
The research in deep-space communications considers 1-hop and 2-hopdownlink designs, spacecraft tracking during rain. He has recently developed a mathematical theory for obtaining 1-min rain rate statistics from long duration (up to 6 hours) rain rate statistics.
In addition to the institutional activities, such as lectures on "Fundamentals of Signals and Transmission" for Laurea (1st degree) in Electronics Engineering and "Engineering of satellite communication systems" for Laurea magistrale (2nd degree) in Telecommunications Engineering , he teaches "Scientific and Technical Writing" for the Laurea Magistrale and Ph.D. Students.


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