Why to study in Politecnico

The Politecnico di Milano is the main Engineering, Architecture and Design University in Italy, founded in 1863 to educate the executives of a booming Country and it still plays an essential role in providing the Country with the necessary talents for social and economic innovation and growth: Giulio Natta, Nobel-prize winner for Chemistry, Giovan Battista Pirelli, founder of the company with the same name, Gio Ponti, international architect, were some of the students that attended its courses.
The University has always aimed at quality and innovation of the teaching methodology and research, to be achieved in close collaboration with national and international companies. The Politecnico di Milano is an international institution.
Besides research, which is naturally projected towards the worldwide scientific community, also the teaching activities are organized to meet the requirements of students coming from all over the world. A lot of courses, at the Master of Science and Specializing Master levels, are entirely taught in English, and many programs are available for student exchanges and double degrees in collaboration with the most prestigious international universities.

To learn more about the Bachelor degree and the Master of Science degree, please refer to Polinternational.
At the Politecnico di Milano there is also one of the largest European Ph.D Schools, which offers 18 different training courses to hundreds of selected students. For general information about the Politecnico Ph.D School, refer to http://www.dottorato.polimi.it/en.
For the Ph.D courses offered by DEIB, refer to http://dottoratoit.deib.polimi.it/.