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Project abstract

The project "Modeling and Analysis of Innovation and Competition Processes" (MAICP) is a 60 month project, funded by the Ministero dell’Istruzione – FIRB “Future in research” Program.

Innovation and competition processes are ubiquitous in many fields of science. They are responsible for evolutionary dynamics entrained by innovative changes in the characteristics of individual agents and by competitive interactions promoting the best performances.
Mathematical approaches to evolutionary dynamics have roots in genetics and in the game theoretic view of economics. While biologists traditionally consider evolutionary change separately from the demography of coevolving populations, game theoreticians investigate the relative diffusion of a given set of alternative strategies and the robustness of the corresponding equilibria against invasion by potential dissidents. By contrast, the recent approach of "Adaptive Dynamics" (AD) explicitly links demographic and evolutionary change and characterizes evolutionary equilibria as well as evolutionary transients and non-stationary regimes.
The project "Modeling and Analysis of Innovation and Competition Processes" (MAICP) aims at showing that the AD approach can be successful also beyond biology. This general goal will be achieved through a number of core applications of well recognized importance:

  • the consequences of technological change on renewable resources management;
  • the origin and maintenance of product variety in diversified market structures;
  • the design of multi-agent interactions in social, economic, and artificial networks.

High-profile expertise in inter-disciplinary modeling, nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation analysis, numerical software development constitute the characterizing technical elements, about which methodological contributions are expected.

Inside the Red Queen's Egg: Never-ending and unpredictable reciprocal adaptation and counter-adaptation in the three genetic characters determining the functioning of a food chain


Project results

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