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Project abstract

DEI participates in a European consortium of universities and research institutes that develops the next generation industrial robot technology in a 4-year European Large-Scale Integrating Research Project started in March 2009.
The project, called ROSETTA (RObot control for Skilled ExecuTion of Tasks in natural interaction with humans; based on Autonomy, cumulative knowledge and learning), develops “human-centric” technology for future industrial robots that will not only look more human-like and operate more autonomously, but also learn, safely cooperate and interact with humans in a way which is perceived as natural and harmless.
The goal is to enable flexible and low-invest production concepts where robots can work together with humans without the need for dedicated infrastructure as known from traditional automation.
The project brings together world-leading researchers in robotics, automatic control, mathematical and computer science, manufacturing, bio-mechanics and finite element simulation under the consortium leadership of ABB to address this great challenge. The group at DEI has responsibility in the research related to the human/robot interaction control and cooperates in other areas.
The project, whose overall cost is 10 MEUR, receives funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework program.

ROSETTA brings robots and humans closer

Project results