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Project abstract

The project goal is to study potential benefits of adopting dynamic bandwidth measurement mechanisms for the estimation of available resources between servers of an IP Telephony application. In particular, the objective is the implementation of call admission control algorithms based on bandwidth measurements. The reference network scenario is that of a public IP network where it is not possible to use any tool for traffic management and packet flow differentiation. The research methodology adopted includes the design of innovative solutions and their validation through simulations and experimental testbeds based on prototypes. The project has been funded by Espia-Voismart (
The project is closed.

Basic operation mechanism of the traffic shaper for IP Telephony applications.


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Project results

The final result of the project is a prototype implementing the measurement and call admission control algorithms proposed and analyzed during the project. The prototype is based on a Linux embedded platform and a set of software modules. It has been then used for developing a commercial product, named Traffic Shaper, that is now in the portfolio of Espia-Voismart.