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Project abstract

SI PARTE! has been a research and development project supported by the Lombardy Region within the Meta-Distretti Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with the aim to identify and implement innovative and effective solutions in industrial automation, in particular in the process control industry.
The market is increasingly characterized by a strong competition and a growing demand for products with low cost and high quality, quickly available and customizable at the same time. SI PARTE! was conceived to propose effective solutions, flexible and low cost for the control of industrial processes and machines.
The main goal of the research project was to exploit the open source operating system Linux, enhanced through the design and development of an additional layer, to improve capability, performance, and operational flexibility of customary widely used CPUs.
The project is ended.

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Project results

The project’s results include:
  • a tool for automatic generation of real-time robot control software in Orocos environment.
  • hw / sw platforms to control stepper motors.
  • a tool for the identification of the dynamic parameters of servomechanisms through open loop experiments;
  • a tool for the design and implementation of human-machine interfaces to monitor and command real time control systems generated automatically through RTAI-Lab.
  • an application to the control of wind turbines of low-cost solutions for rapid prototyping and customization of control systems.