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Amir H. Ashouri obtained B.Sc. in Information Technology Engineering in his home-town Tehran, at Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) in 2009. He worked on his final thesis at Research center of Information Technology (RCIT) about "Media Server Evaluation and Real-Time Tests", which was accepted with the score of 20/20, the collaboration led to two joint conference papers.

In September 2010, he moved to Italy to start his M.Sc. at Politecnico Di Milano where he got the final overall A+ GPA score of 109/110 (28/30) and worked his thesis about "Analysis of Compiler Transformations in VLIW architecture". The endeavors earned him a PhD position with scholarship in the same research group.

Now as a PhD student and researcher in DEIB department of Politecnico Di Milano, he is working in the Computer Architecture Group where he targets Compiler Optimizations and Auto-tuning, Embedded Systems Architecture and Performance Evaluations and Analysis as his main research tracks towards PhD.


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