Optical and Electronic Measurements Laboratory - MOLES


The “Optical and Electronic Measurements Laboratory” hosts scientific and technological research activities in the field of electronic and opto-electronic measurement instrumentation. Researchers in the lab develop new methods and tools dealing with electro-magnetic field, from electrical to optical frequencies. The main research activities are about:
  • characterization of oscillators (optical and electronic), with time- and frequency-domain measurements;
  • hardware/software implementation of control systems;
  • stabilized lasers and frequency standards;
  • optical interferometry and vibration measurement;
  • prototypes of optical sensors for industrial applications;
  • optical measurements and electro-optical sensors;
  • active stabilization of laser oscillators;
  • calibration of optical power meters;
  • surface laser scanning and 3D image reconstruction;
  • biomedical image processing;
  • velocity measurements in fluids;
  • electromagnetic characterization of systems and devices.

  • Equipment

  • Fig. 1. 1.5 um External Cavity Laser Diode for high-resolution spectroscopy and frequency stabilization
    Fig. 2. Optoelectronic measurement of plastic film thickness

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    Information service

    The “Optical and Electronic Measurements Laboratory” is located in the basement of building 20 of the Department (via Ponzio n. 34/5), with a floor space of about 80 m2.
    For additional information, contact Prof. Cesare Svelto, Eng. Michele Norgia or Eng. Alessandro Pesatori