Automatic Control Laboratory


MERLIN (MEchatronics and Robotics Laboratory for INnovation) lab supports research, innovation, and technology transfer activities of the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria in the areas of mechatronics, industrial robotics, and motion control.
The main experimental activities of the lab are as follows:
  • Advanced motion planning and control of industrial robots;
  • Control of the interaction of industrial robots with the environment through force and vision sensors;
  • Safe human-robot interaction through presence and distance sensors;
  • Active surveillance of robotic cells;
  • Control of dual arm robotic manipulators;
  • New programming methods for industrial robots based on learning by demonstration;
  • Mobile robotic manipulation;
  • Trajectory tracking for autonomous vehicles;
  • Anti-rollover control for autonomous vehicles;
  • Control of motors for various applications (home appliances, computer peripherals);
  • Simulation and control of advanced robotic systems (aerial robotic manipulators);
  • Advanced simulators of complex mechatronic systems (machine tools, machining centers).

  • Equipment

  • Fig. 1. The ABB FRIDA dual-arm manipulator prototype equipped with a distributed sensor
    Fig. 2. The COMAU Smart Six robot equipped with a force sensor

    Information service

    The lab is situated at the second floor of building 20 of the Department, via Ponzio n. 34/5. Laboratories are open during the normal department opening hours.