In the past decade Telecommunication systems have gone through a formidable transformation in terms of both technological innovations and use paradigms.
On one hand, wireless systems have pervasively entered all aspects of human activity and their performance has steadily grown at an impressive pace.
This is what allows us today to be always connected to the Internet using a smart phone. Furthermore, the same technology is flexible enough to enable emerging countries to build telecommunication infrastructures from scratch in no time, using the wireless cellular architectures. At the same time optical fibers and related systems have grown in performance and capacity at an even faster pace. Digital signal processing has become commonplace in telecommunication systems, and is used even in those subsystems that operate at extremely high frequencies (software-defined radio). Digital signal processing is also routinely used for acquisition, manipulation and enhancement of multimedia content (think, for example, of the complexity of the processing that can be found even in the cheapest of the digital photo-cameras). Moreover, remote sensing has become a standard approach to observing and monitoring the environment, the Earth surface and its interior (think, for example, of the remote sensing techniques developed for oil exploration).
The Telecommunications research area is organized into five main research lines: Applied Electromagnetics, Information transmission, Networking, Remote Sensing, and Signal Processing for Multimedia and Telecommunications, which address highly challenging research issues in all the above areas, while keeping a strong level of collaboration with the European Industry. This enables a rapid deployment of research results in real systems/applications/services.

Prof. Stefano Tubaro
Chair of Telecomunications research area

The area's research activities can be grouped in the following lines:

Signal processing for multimedia and telecommunicationsApplied electromagneticsNetworkingRemote sensingInformation transmission

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