Computer Science and Engineering

The scientific area of Computer Science and Engineering at DEIB has experienced significant growth over the past few years, with an Area that today counts 76 professors and about 50 PhD students per year.
This area offers undergraduate and graduate courses in Computer Science and Engineering for the “Scuola di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione” and manages the Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs in Computer Science and Engineering (“Ingegneria Informatica”) of the Politecnico di Milano.
A wide range of research topics are pursued, distributed over five strong research lines: Advanced Software Architectures and Methodologies; Artificial Intelligence and Robotics; Data, Web, and Society; Information Systems; and System Architectures. Their main objective is fundamental research work in computer science and engineering. System and software reconfigurability, self-adaptivity, autonomy and pervasiveness, service computing, information and knowledge management and discovery, human-machine interaction, and advanced computing architectures are the basic themes addressed by the area and constitute the ground for the development of future ICT systems. Moreover, our vision pursues the strategic aim to conceive, favor, and support a new wave of penetration of computer science and engineering in society, by performing application-oriented research enabling the interdisciplinary development of innovative services and products.
Indeed, future ICT systems will be strongly integrated with other engineering systems such as energy management systems, intelligent transportation systems, smart buildings, and others, and will require connectivity, adaptability and coordination requirements, and flexibility in service quality. These goals can be achieved only through a strong interaction with the other ICT disciplines and with the application areas. This is why there are so many collaborations with the other areas of the Department, the other Departments inside Politecnico di Milano and the outside world.

Prof. Letizia Tanca
Chair of Computer Science and Engineering research area

The area's research activities can be grouped in the following lines:

System architecturesData, web, and societyArtificial intelligence and roboticsAdvanced software architectures and methodologiesInformation systems

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