The scientific roots of DEIB research activities in Electronics date back to 1957 when Emilio Gatti was appointed first Italian Chair of Electronics.
Following his vision, Electronics research at DEIB has always been carried out through a balanced mix of theoretical analysis and experimental activities.
Today, the Electronics labs cover 1,400 sq.m. of floor space and are well equipped with state-of-the-art measuring equipment for the electrical characterization of nanoelectronic and optoelectronic devices, sensors, MEMS, integrated circuits. An internal facility for the design and the fabrication of application boards and systems is also available.
Research activities are organized into six major research lines: Circuits and Systems: Theory and Applications, Electron Devices, Electronic Circuits Design, Radiation Detectors, Single-Photon Detectors and Applications, Smart Microsensors and Microsystems.
The 30 academic staff people, supported by more than 70 PhDs and post-docs, deliver about seventy courses on various subjects of Electronics Engineering at undergraduate and graduate level.

Prof. Andrea Lacaita
Chair of Electronics research area

The area's research activities can be grouped in the following lines:

Electron devicesSmart microsensors and microsystemsElectronic Circuits DesignSingle-photon detectors and applicationsRadiation detectorsDigital SystemsCircuits and systems: theory and applications

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