Systems and Control

The Systems and Control area of DEIB counts 40 faculty staff members (16 full professors, 8 associate professors, 16 assistant professors) and more than 50 temporary researchers, including PhD students, post-docs and research collaborators. The staff is completed by an administrative assistant and technical support people.
Systems and Control area is devoted to teaching and research in various fields related to control system science and engineering, industrial automation, systems theory, environmental systems, ecology, operations research, and electronic measurements.
Despite the rich variety of topics, both theoretical and application-oriented, a unifying system level viewpoint is generally adopted, which enables the analysis, the management, and the design of complex systems, through the powerful theoretical tools of mathematical modeling.
As for teaching, the members of this Research Area are responsible for over one hundred courses offered each year by the Scuola di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione. Systems and Control members also have leading responsibilities in the Automation Engineering Program in Milano and in the Environmental and Geomatic Engineering Program in Como.
A significant part of the basic and applied research activity, together with advanced teaching, is supported by the experimental facilities available in 5 laboratories.

Prof. Sergio Savaresi
Chair of Systems and Control research area

The area's research activities can be grouped in the following lines:

Dynamics of complex systemsOptical measurements and laser instrumentationPlanning and management of environmental systemsOperations research and discrete optimizationRobotics and industrial automationControl systems

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