Mobile robot Robocom


Robocom is a differential-drive robot platform, designed to be used as a building block in the construction of complex robot architectures. Its most interesting features are a favourable combination of high payload/small footprint/good manoeuverability, a modular mounting system for hardware devices, a built-in odometric system and a remote-controlled safety switch. Robocom is suitable for a range of surfaces, including moderately rough terrain.


Robocom has the capability to operate on its own - if fitted with its own on-board PC - or to be used as a mobile base for more complex systems. Presently Robocom is used by the Rawseeds project ( for multisensor data-collection. For this application, Robocom has been equipped with: three custom-built PCs; two Sick LMS and two Hokuyo URG laser range finders; an inertial measurement unit (accelerometers and gyroscopes); conventional, omnidirectional and trinocular camera systems; an industrial GPS receiver with antenna; and a belt of ultrasonic transceivers. The resulting robot proved to be a very capable data acquisition system, able to operate both indoors and outdoors, with a small footprint (less than 800mm x 600mm).