Measurement of optical system (laser devices and passive optical components)


The laboratory is equipped with devices for the measurement and generation of coherent optical signals (laser radiation in the spectral regions of the visible and near infrared). In particolar:
  • Laser sources
    • MENLOSystems M-fiber Femtosecond laser C (>75mW average output power, λ=1560nm, pulse width <150fs)
    • Lightwave NPRO mod. 122 (100mW single-frequency λ=1064nm)
    • TOPTICA mod. DL100 (15mW single-frequency widely-tunable λ=1515nm-1563nm)
    • InnoLight NPRO mod. Mephisto (1.5W single-frequency λ=1064nm)
    • custom diode-pumped solid-state lasers (Yb-Er:glassλ=1530nm-1548nm ; Yb:YAG λ=1010nm-1070nm; Tm-Ho:YAGλ=2087nm-2199nm)
  • Optical Power Meter
    • Coherent mod. Fieldmaster (with semiconductor and thermal sensors for low and medium power levels)
    • Laserpoint mod. DUO (with thermal sensor for medium power levels)
    • ANDO mod. AQ-2105B (with semiconductor and thermal sensors for low power levels)
  • Optical spectrum analyzer
    • Advantest mod. Q8344A (λ=400nm-1750nm;Δλ=0.1nm)
  • Monochromator
    • Jobin-Yvon mod. TRIAX 550 (λ=400nm-2500nm; Δλ=0.020nm)
  • Interferometer of Fabry-Perot
    • Burleigh mod. CF/CFT (confocal with mirrors at λ=1µm or at λ=1.5µm or at λ=2 µm)
  • Diode laser power supplies
    • ILX mod. LDC-3752. (6 A)
    • ILX mod. LDC-202. (220 mA)

Fig. 1. Copyright © Ing. Giorgio Uccellini 2009



Optical measurements and electro-optical sensors.
Active stabilization of laser oscillators.
Calibration of optical power meters.