DEIB connected research center

DEIB’s research activity is not bounded within its own walls, as it also exploits the support of a not-for-profit center of excellence: Cefriel.

CEFRIEL, founded in 1988, is a not-for-profit center of excellence for Innovation, Research and Education in Information & Communication Technologies. CEFRIEL original mission is to strengthen ties between academic and business worlds through a multidisciplinary approach that is able to innovate or develop new products and services combining ICT and design. With a human capital of around 130 highly qualified professionals and the contribution of academic professors and researchers, CEFRIEL creates forefront solutions integrating hardware, software and the most advanced multimedia communication technologies, achieving a turnover of around 10,5 M€ in 2012. The center actively participates in European research projects and contributes to the dissemination of their results. Moreover, it offers advanced educational programs to graduate students and companies’ innovation professionals.