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Lorenzo Mezzalira was born in Italy, 1944 and graduated as Electronic Engineer at Politecnico di Milano, 1968. Since then he has been working at Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione - Politecnico di Milano (Italy).
Since 1982 he is Associate Professor of Computer Science and has been teaching courses on “Electronics”, “Fundamentals of Computer Science”, “Computer Architectures” and “Industrial Computer Applications”.
25-28.04.1989 he has been invited to lecture a 2 days tutorial on Real-Time Distributed Systems during the “Coloquio de electronica de potencia y automatizacion” held in Santiago (CILE)
At the “Software Fair” in Split (YUGOSLAVIA), 1989, he has been invited to give a one day lecture on Real-Time Applications.
Since 1977 he has been an active member of Euromicro (The European Association for Microprocessing and Microprogramming) until 1991 as Italian Director and after then as Correspondent and as Subject Area Editor Realtime & Embedded Systems for JSA Journal of Systems Architecture, Elsevier.
He has been deeply involved in Euromicro activities as program committee member and session chairman for yearly Euromicro conferences and workshops, and in particular as deputy program chairman for Euromicro ‘80 Symposium in London (UK), Program chairman for Euromicro ‘89 Symposium in Cologne (Germany), deputy program chairman for Euromicro ‘90 Symposium in Amsterdam (NL), program chairman of Euromicro Workshop on Real-Time Systems 1995 in Odense (DK).
His research activity has been devoted to various aspects of computer science, and in particular to the following topics.
Design and layout of integrated circuits. Buses for modular microcomputer systems. Multiprocessor architectures with both tight and loose couplings. Microprogramming of euristic algorithms. Microcomputers for robot control. Computer networks, techniques and protocols. Real-time systems, scheduling algorithms, analysis of timing performances, real-time kernels. Design of real-time systems for process control.
His professional experience covers design of modular microcomputer systems, design and implementation of real-time kernels, requirements analysis and design of various measurements and automation computerized systems.
He published over 40 technical or scientific papers, some chapters of technical books, coauthored 3 engineering textbooks.


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