PhD Alumni

Cesana Matteo

Present position: Assistant Professor

Thesis title:  Packet Transmission in new Generation Wireless Systems: from UMTS to Ad-hoc Networks
Advisor:  Antonio Capone
Research area:  Networks
Thesis abstract:  
Although the total number of fixed networks in the world is still creeping up, wireless networks are growing six times as fast. Wireless is more flexible, cheaper and more consumer attractive than wired. Its main drawback resides in bandwidth limitations. For these reasons, the proper design of wireless networks is the cutting edge of the ongoing research activity. In this scenario, although the bigger part of worldwide communications is still due to classic voice traffic, the request of new data services is highly and wireless packet services are gaining more and more success. In this thesis we aim at analyzing different wireless solutions for providing packet switched services. We start off by thoroughly analyzing by simulation the performance of the UMTS-FDD radio interface. Further on, we analyze the limitations of the IEEE 802.11 based technology and propose the Interference Aware MAC (IA-MAC), which extends the capabilities of the IEEE 802.11 Distributed Coordination Function (DCF), in scenarios where the interference is not negligible. Finally, we focus on the design of an effective MAC protocol for pure ad hoc networks, where the complete distributed environment creates many problems to the 802.11 standard.