PhD Alumni

Panzani Giulio

Present position:

Thesis title:  fety and performance slip control design for tilting vehicles
Advisor:  Sergio Savaresi
Research area:  Control, automation and measurement
Thesis abstract:  
This Thesis deals with the control of the longitudinal dynamics in two-wheeled vehicles, moved by the intent of enhancing safety and driving performances, that are strongly related in these kind of vehicles. Three parts naturally enclose the main topics that have been studied. In the first part the analytic modeling of vehicle longitudinal dynamics is addressed: a complete nonlinear analytic model is derived; reduced order models, useful in a control-oriented perspective, are also deducted. Dynamic performances and features of these models are compared and described, to better understand their ability in describing vehicle dynamics. The second part of the Thesis is devoted to the control of the longitudinal dynamic during traction maneuver: the proposed control system is made by three different subsystems (the Traction, the Wheelie and the Launch control) each devoted to solve a specific subproblems that are encountered in the control of longitudinal dynamics in two-wheeled vehicles. Detailed discussion of system identification, control tuning and reference generation are provided. The effectiveness of the overall system has been experimentally validated on a real vehicle. The Thesis is concluded with the original analysis and redesign of several actuation and sensing systems employed in the above solution. In particular, the estimation of vehicle roll angle, rear wheel slip, vehicle speed and wheelie detection algorithm are addressed. Moreover an high performance and adaptive control of an electronic throttle body, that is needed for engine torque regulation, is developed.