PhD Alumni

Alli Giovanni

Present position:

Thesis title:  Advanced ride-by-wire systems for light and electric vehicles
Advisor:  Sergio Savaresi
Research area:  Control, automation and measurement
Thesis abstract:  
In this thesis the development of two innovative vehicles for personal transportation will be described.
The first is a micro-vehicle, named Flyboard, which fits the mobility needs in internal wide areas (e.g. Expositions, Airports, Railway stations). Flyboard is basically a platform suspended on 4 wheels (2 driving wheels and 2 pivoting wheels). This vehicle can be driven by balancing the weight on the plantar foot sensors or by using a smartphone as a joystick.
The second vehicle is an electric pedal assisted bicycle (EPAC) that is energetically autonomous, that is the battery has never to be recharged. “Bike+”, that is its name, maximize the metabolic efficiency of the cyclist, that is minimize his fatigue, by utilizing the system energy in a smart way. In order to achieve that goal the metabolic efficiency of the human engine has been inspected when a man is pedaling. After that an energy management algorithm has been developed in order to maximize the cyclist’s efficiency.
Finally a new concept of multi-vehicle/multi-business vehicle sharing has been designed. It is based on the “key-less mobility” idea, that is thanks to a smartphone application the user can access all the system services including, for instance, the vehicle ignition command.