PhD Alumni

Binda Maddalena

Present position: post-doc researcher at the Center for Nano Science and Technology (CNST) of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT@PoliMI)

Thesis title:  Light Harvesting Electronic Devices Based on Solution Processible Semiconductors
Advisor:  Marco Sampietro
Research area:  Microelectronics and Emerging Technologies
Thesis abstract:  
In the last few decades, the profuse research activity on solution processible semiconductors, particularly focused on organic semiconductors and quantum dots, has opened the new fascinating perspective of a low-cost electronics, easily conformable to large area applications and compatible with unconventional substrates like light and flexible plastic ones. Thanks to their typically high light absorption coefficients, these materials can be employed with good success as light harvesters for either signal detection or electrical power generation: in this thesis work, both these goals have been addressed.
Fast and efficient organic photodetectors operating in the visible range of the spectrum as well as in the near infrared have been developed by working both on the chemical composition of the device active material and on the device structure. Prototypes of a photodetector directly deposited onto the cut end of a plastic optical fiber for data transmission applications and of a pixel for X-ray detection based on coupling the organic detector with a scintillating crystal have been demonstrated.
Finally, solution processed solar cells based on inorganic nanocrystals have been developed, exploiting induced oxidation of the nanocrystals as an effective way of improving the performance of the cells in terms of open-circuit voltage and fill-factor.