PhD Alumni

Boniolo Ivo Emanuele

Present position: Post Doctoral

Thesis title:  Design and analysis of systems for measuring and estimating attitude parameters in vehicles
Advisor:  Sergio Savaresi
Research area:  Control Systems
Thesis abstract:  
The focus of this Thesis is on the estimation of attitude parameters in road and nautical vehicles.
The main topic is the estimate of the roll angle of two wheeled vehicle. The problem of measuring the lean angle is solved through electro-optical sensors, while the estimation problem is based on the data fusion of inertial sensors. The innovative solution based on the frequency split principle has been compared to Kalman filtering approaches.
The problem of estimating the lateral drift of a car during emergency brake has been stadied and a solution based on accelerometers and gyroscopes has been proposed.
The problem of heading estimate in nautical application has been solved with the data fusion of magntical and positional measurements.