PhD Alumni

Spelta Cristiano

Present position: Assistant Professor

Thesis title:  Design and Application of Semi-Active Suspension Control Systems
Advisor:  Sergio M. Savaresi
Research area:  Automotive Control
Thesis abstract:  
The Thesis deals with the design and analysis of control systems of semi-active suspensions for ground and rail vehicles and appliances. In particular the Thesis is divided into two parts.
• The first part is devoted to the analysis of suspension systems and to the design of innovative semi-active controls.
• The second part of the Thesis concerns some innovative applications of semi-active suspensions.

In the first part of the Thesis, the tackled control design problems are related to the classical suspension objectives: the comfort and the handling goals. An optimality analysis of the performances achievable by a semi-active suspension is proposed. On this basis new control strategies are designed. By a detailed analysis the Thesis shows how such algorithms are almost optimal and extremely reliable for industrial applications. Another innovative control design problem is considered: the emulation of a reference suspension dynamic via semi-active devices.
The second part of the Thesis presents some applicative cases of semi-active suspensions. Each case can be considered peculiar, in terms of control goals and working conditions. For each of them the entire control design procedure is outlined. In particular the following applications are analyzed and developed:
• Semi active suspension in 2-wheels vehicles (motorcycles and scooters).
• Design and control of the lateral suspension in high velocity trains.
• Design and Control Suspension of the cabin in agricultural vehicles.
• Control of dampers for vibrations reduction in appliances (e.g. washing machines)

- titolo della tesi in inglese
Design and Application of Semi-Active Suspension Control Systems