PhD Alumni

Rottigni Angelo

Present position: Automation Engineer at ASITECH s.r.l.

Thesis title:  Electronical instrumentation for impedance measurement on biosamples
Advisor:  Marco Sampietro
Research area:  Sensors and instrumentation
Thesis abstract:  
In my thesis I developed circuits and systems aimed at the measurement of electrical characteristics of biosamples. They can be used for the realization of lab-on-chip and are designed to maximize sensitivity. Different aspects of the realization of the instrumentation have been investigated, from the design of the front-end, to the realization of the software for automated measurements, through the design of PCBs and the coding of firmware for programmable logic. Working prototypes of the measurement instrumentation have been tested on biological assays and an innovative topology for integrated front-end, aimed at the extension of the bandwidth over the limits of the standard transimpedance structure, has been proposed, realized and tested.