PhD Alumni

Scirpoli Silvia

Present position: Research assistant

Thesis title:  Phase Preserving Synthetic Aperture Sonar Focusing and Multi Temporal Interferometry
Advisor:  Claudio Prati
Research area:  Signals
Thesis abstract:  
In the framework of sustainable development activities carried out by Eni Ex-ploration & Production Division, the Eni Geological Service in association with Eni R&D Department has promoted and financed the development and experimentation of innovative technology for environmental monitoring. Experimental activities were conducted in the context of a two-year project, with the aim of testing innovative approaches to better estimate the altimetric accuracy and variations of the seabed through long-term monitoring of the seafloor. The selected methodology is based on very high resolution acoustic imaging by repeated surveys with a sophisticated high-frequency sonar mounted on an underwater autonomous vehicle.
The thesis presents the results of the focusing and multi temporal interferometry applyed on the SAS data gathered in the framework of this project during which several sea campaigns were conducted in the Tyrrhenian Sea.