PhD Alumni

Lacevic Bakir

Present position: Researcher at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo

Thesis title:  Safe motion planning and control for robotic manipulators
Advisor:  Paolo Rocco
Research area:  Control, automation and measurement
Thesis abstract:  
This thesis represents an attempt to establish a framework for planning and control for the safe behavior of robotic manipulators. The framework exploits the knowledge of the system that is built upon the perception skills. This knowledge about the robot, human and the environment includes proximity/velocity measures and a purposefully designed safety assessment called danger field. According to the degree of danger, the robot reacts promptly, always maximizing the human safety. The approach is based on the generalization of the impedance control problem and a potential field method. Further, the possibilities of exploiting the redundancy are investigated, in order to minimize an overall danger without compromising the end-effector motion. Above the reactive, danger field based control, there is a global path planner that does not only provide the collision-free paths but strives for safer ones in order to reduce the overall danger in the planning phase. This is achieved by embedding a suitable safety-oriented heuristic function into some well known planning paradigms. Finally, a special attention is devoted to the guarantees for gentle and compliant behavior of the robot when the intended contact between human and the robot has been established.