PhD Alumni

Desiderio Delia

Present position: PhD, Doctor of Philosophy

Thesis title:  Guidance and control for planetary landing
Advisor:  Marco Lovera
Research area:  Control system
Thesis abstract:  
General architectures for autonomous entry, descent and landing of a probe on another planet usually consist of three main components, namely a guidance law, a navigation system and a trajectory tracking controller. In the first part of the thesis a particular guidance navigation and control (GNC) system is considered: the one used in ExoMars, a future ESA mission for the exploration of Mars. The study and the analysis of the terminal descent phase of that mission have been realized in the framework of a collaboration project with Thales Alenia Space Italy. In the second part of the thesis the attention is turned to some aspects of the GNC, in particular to the guidance and control problems associated with the descent dynamics of a vehicle during the landing phase. The tradeoff between analytical and numerical solutions to the guidance problem has been discussed exploiting the flatness property of the system. Moreover a flatness based approach is proposed also for the design of the trajectory tracking controller. In the third part of the thesis the analysis of the static and dynamic performance is considered. To this aim the Bode’s sensitivity integral and an its analogous for time-varying systems have been considered.