PhD Alumni

Milani Marco

Present position: Founder and manager at IdeaTech srl - Software development and IT management

Thesis title:  Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuits for Wireless Applications
Advisor:  Andrea Lacaita
Research area:  Microelectronics - Integrated Circuits
Thesis abstract:  
Nowadays a lot of efforts in electronics circuits research and design are devolved to Radio frequency communications systems. It is more and more enthralling and interesting the ability to replace the traditional wired communication channels with radio channels. This approach extends the classical systems in flexibility, easy of use and in configurability, and provides a set of new functions denied to the present technologies.
To be able to extend the use of wireless channels up to the biggest spectrum of applications and up to the maximum number of users, it is necessary a deep analysis of topics concerning the shared nature of the transmitting medium. These topics cannot be compared to ones involved in traditional technologies of wired-communications. In order to reproduce the performance of the traditional systems it is required a great effort even by the research community.
This effort involves the entire sphere of research and development , in particular the research of electronics systems and circuits is focused into the improvement of the general configuration of transmitter and receiver systems and of analog RF front-end capable of the desired performance with the available technologies.