PhD Alumni

Donida Filippo

Present position: Self-employed

Thesis title:  Object oriented modelling, simulation and control of engineering systems: an integrated approach
Advisor:  Francesco Casella
Research area:  Control Systems
Thesis abstract:  
Recent advances in object-oriented modelling allow to tackle the simulation and the computer-aided control system design of industrial plants in a unified framework.

Traditionally there is a structural wasting of time and resources and also a potential error generation when planning and designing all the project stages separately. The inefficiency is mainly due to the fact that the environments of the plant feasibility study, the detailed simulation, the control system design, the model-based requirement analysis, the hardware-in-the-loop validation of the control system, and the operator training interface are frequently incompatible each other.

This Ph.D. work aims at providing an integrated approach to resolving the problem, based on the Modelica language. There are three main key aspects to analyze. On the modeling side, suitable methodologies must be formulated in order to support flexible levels of detail and create reuse-oriented models. On the tools side, the development of the open-source OpenModelica compiler opens potentially important opportunities, due to its open architecture, suitable to produce a simulation code tailored for different activities. Last, but not least, the developed methodologies and functionalities are demonstrated on some applications.