PhD Alumni

Gozzini Fabio

Present position: Electronic designer at Mindspeed Technology. Sophia Antipolis. France

Thesis title:  High sensitivity instrument-on-chip for electrical characterization of nanoscaled samples
Advisor:  Marco Sampietro
Research area:  Microelectronics and Emerging Technologies
Thesis abstract:  
The dramatic progress in miniaturization, made available by the integrated circuit technology, opens the realm of sophisticated measurement systems that can perform in a millimeter sized package most of the functions presently available in a rack-mounted box. The design, test and development of such innovative integrated circuits have been the main topic of the Fabio Gozzini’s PhD work. In particular it has been developed a very high sensitivity amplifier suited for sensing the very small current that flows throw biological molecule and a lock-in system, which, together with the amplifier, is capable to measure impedances with the attoFarad (10-18F) resolution even when a very small test signal (about 50mV) is applied to the sample. Such capability is fundamental to study the behavior of biological molecule, because, very small variations on the electrical parameters are expected, but also, to preserve its properties only a small electric field can be applied. The innovation and the originality of the Fabio Gozzini’s PhD work is certified by two papers that he presented respectively at the ISSCC 2007 and ISSCC 2009 in San Francisco, other than several publication on international journals.