PhD Alumni

Carminati Marco

Present position: Postdoctoral Researcher at DEI

Thesis title:  Instrumentation for Electrical Detection in Biology and in Nano-Electrochemistry
Advisor:  Marco Sampietro
Research area:  Sensors and instrumentation
Thesis abstract:  
This thesis work in inserted in the broad and challenging context lying at the convergence of microelectronics with biology and nanotechnology. The focus of the activity, articulated in design, realization, testing and experimental characterization of the instrumentation, has been on the extension of direct current and impedance measurements at the nanoscale molecular domain. Original circuital topologies and ad-hoc systems have been proposed and realized for addressing the so far unmet requirements of sub-pA current sensitivity and attoFarad capacitance resolution, with extended bandwidth, pivotal for direct electrical sensing of the properties of nanoscale electrochemical bio-interfaces.
Two examples of biomedical applications at cellular level (in static and dynamic conditions) show possible ways of combining high-sensitivity flexible electrical detection systems with microfluidic platforms and optical techniques.
Beyond the improvement of the instrumental performances, here largely demonstrated, many issues are still open, mainly concerning the integration of CMOS smart sensing chips with microfluidic technology. The impact on life quality of the pervasive diffusion of such miniaturized integrated microanalytical systems is envisioned to be revolutionary.