HiPEAC - European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation

HiPEAC is a Network of Excellence funded by the Computing Systems research objective of the European FP7-ICT program.
Due to technology limitations, the domain of high-performance processors is experiencing a radical shift towards parallelism through on-chip multi-cores and chip customization, leading to heterogeneous multi-core systems.
Core objectives of HiPEAC:
  • Research coordination.
    Research coordination in HiPEAC is done in 9 clusters, each dealing with a specific part of the HiPEAC research agenda. Clusters are formed by researchers from industry and academia interested in the topic of the cluster.
  • Collaboration and networking.
    Stimulate joint research between member institutions, across the different disciplines: computer architects, design tool builders, compiler builders, system designers, between researchers from academia and industry, between European and non-European institutions. This collaboration between best of breed must lead to more European excellence in the HiPEAC domain.
  • Valorisation.
    Stimulate valorisation of research results in the form of highly visible publications and commercialization of research results by existing companies or by newly created companies. The goal is to further increase Europe’s worldwide visibility in the HiPEAC domain and to help companies to achieve world-leading positions in the computing systems and computing products.