ArtistDesign – European Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design

ArtistDesign’s main objective is to set up a scientific community in the area of embedded systems. The approach consists in gathering together clusters, which are teams, on essential topics in embedded systems design. The aim is to create a lasting structure that will continue to benefit the research community and industry well beyond the lifespan of the NoE financing. Each cluster should act as a single scientific team, carrying out the Joint Program of Activities (JPA), as agreed. Each cluster has one or more scientific leaders, who lead the team and coordinate the effort.
The ArtistDesign NoE implements a Joint Program of Activities, composed of:
  • Joint Program of Integration Activities, including joint technical meetings, staff mobility and exchanges, sharing research tools and platforms, and an intranet-based communication structure.
  • Joint Program of Research Activities, promoting excellence and integration via either the Thematic Cluster activities, or the Transversal Integration activites.
  • Joint Program of Activities for Spreading Excellence, that allow excellence to spread from the JPRA and JPIA activities, to the larger embedded systems community with workshops, schools, seminars, and publications (books, course materials, etc).
  • Joint Program of Management Activities, that plan, organize, direct and monitor the integrated effort to efficiently achieve the technical objectives within the ArtistDesign constraints of time schedule and budget.