International relations

"Tai-Chi: Grand prize winner of the IST 2006 Exhibition Award"

The Department is actively consolidating its international position, according to the strategic vision for 2012-2014 issued by the Academic Senate, which envisions for the Politecnico di Milano a role as a high-quality international university. In particular, the following internationalization activities relative to research, teaching, and organization are being pursued by the Department. The participation of the researchers of the Department in international excellence networks and research projects is steadily increasing, as it emerges by looking, for instance, at the success rates in EU projects and at the two prestigious ERC Advanced Investigator Grants awarded in 2008. The research activity of the Department is recognized to be of high quality with respect to the international standards that measure research results with top-quality publications on high-quality journals and conferences. Many groups have high international visibility thanks to a significant number of prestigious publications and to the participation to various well-recognized international projects, working groups, and committees. Also the number of international patents demonstrates the role of the Department as an international leading research institution. Several strategic relationships with renowned international universities are active, offering the Italian students the possibility of experiencing a period of time abroad and the foreign students the opportunity to study at the Politecnico di Milano. Several exchange programs at the Bachelor and Master level are offered, including, for example, the joint Master in Computer Science with the University of Illinois at Chicago and the double Bachelor with the Tongji University at Shanghai. Most classes of the Master programs of the Department are offered in English, thereby facilitating the attendance of international students, and anticipating the transition to English that is currently programmed for all Master programs of the Politecnico di Milano starting from 2014. At the PhD level, candidates are internationally recruited from top universities and their international mobility is increased through agreements with top-quality universities. The Department is willing to increase the internationalization of the faculty by actively exploiting the opportunities provided by the Politecnico di Milano for recruiting professors from foreign institutions, young researchers through the International Fellowship Research Grants, and temporary lecturers for one semester. The new positions are intended both to strengthen the research fields in which the Department has a leading international position and to open new research fields that are not yet represented in the Department. Finally, the Department is effectively offering front-office administrative services both for Italian and foreign people.