Organs of the Department

The Chairman officially represents the Department in all of its activities. He formulates the Departmentís scientific program based on the input coming from the Areas and is the legal representative of the Department. In his daily activity, he is supported by the Deputy Chairs, the Department Board and the Scientific Board.

Department Chair: Prof. Gianantonio Magnani
Department Vicarious Deputy Chair: Prof. Roberto Ottoboni
Department Deputy Chair with delegation to Communications and ICT Services:Prof. Piero Fraternali
Department Deputy Chair with delegation toEducation: Prof. Pierluigi San Pietro

Department Council
Decision making at the Department level is responsibility of the Department Council, held by all the professors (full, associate and assistant) members of the DEIB. It has also a seat for three representatives of the technical and administrative staff, and another one for two representatives of the PhD students.

Department Board
The Department Board handles all the Departmentís administrative issues. It comprises the Chairman, the Deputy Chairs, the Administration Manager, one elected member per research Area, one member of the Board of the School and one representative of the technical and administrative staff. The Department Board elaborates issues that will eventually be submitted to the Department Council and supervises the implementation of the Council resolutions.

Elected members: