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Ferdinando Grandori received the MSc degree in Electronic Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano in 1970. Since 1997 he has been Director of the Center of Biomedical Engineering of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), at the Polytechnic of Milan (Department of Bioengineering) and from 2002 he is Director of the CNR Institute of Biomedical Engineering (Padua, Milan and Rome). Main interests: electrical evoked potentials; magnetic stimulation of central and peripheral neural structures; effects of electromagnetic fields at GHz; response analysis, interpretation and scoring of otoacoustic emissions; protocols and standards for newborn hearing screening. Dr. Grandori served as project leader of many multi-year international projects financed by the European Commission on biomedical technologies. He is author of about 430 scientific communications, among which about 80 articles on peer reviewed journals. He is author and/or editor of about 25 books, proceedings and monographs, and of more than 30 book chapters or monograph sections.Dr. Grandori gave about 290 communications at conferences and society meetings.


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