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Stefano Ceri is full professor of Database Systems at the Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, Politecnico di Milano; he has been visiting professor at the Computer Science Department of Stanford University between 1983 and 1990. He is chairman of LaureaOnLIne, a fully online curriculum in Computer Engineering. He is vice-director (for Politecnico di Milano) of the Executive board of Alta Scuola Politecnica, a school of excellence for master-level students which is jointly organized by Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino. He was the chairman of the Computer Science Section of DEI (1992-2004).
His research interests are focused on:

  • extending database technology to incorporate data distribution, deductive and active rules, object orientation, and query languages for XML
  • design methods for data-intensive WEB sites.

He is responsible of several EU-Funded Projects projects at Politecnico di Milano, including W3I3: "Web-Based Intelligent Information Infrastructures" (1998-2000), WebSI: "Data Centric Web Services Integrator" (2002-2004) Cooper: "Cooperative Open Environment for Project Centered Learning" (2005-2007) and ProLearn "Network of Excellence in Professional Learning" (2005-2008).
He is co-inventor of WebML a model for the conceptual design of Web applications (US Patent 6,591,271, July 2003) and co-founder of Web Models, a startup of Politecnico di Milano focused on WebML commercialization by means of the product WebRatio. In 2006 he won an IBM Faculty Award and he leaded a joint team of scholars who developed the most complete solution at the Semantic Web Challenge.
He was Associate Editor of ACM-Transactions on Database Systems and IEEE-Transactions on Software Engineering, and he is currently an associated editor of several international journals. He is co-editor in chief of the book series "Data Centric Systems and Applications" (Springer-Verlag).
He is co-author of the books:
  • Distributed Databases: Principles and Systems (McGraw-Hill, 1984)
  • Logic Programming and Databases (Springer-Verlag, 1990)
  • Conceptual Database Design: an Entity-Relationship Approach (Benjamin-Cummings, 1992)
  • Active Database Systems (Morgan-Kaufmann, 1995)
  • Advanced Database Systems (Morgan-Kaufmann, 1997)
  • The Art and Craft of Computing (Addison-Wesley, 1997)
  • Designing Database Applications with Objects and Rules: the IDEA Methodology (Addison-Wesley, 1997)
  • Database Systems: Concepts, Languages, and Architecture (McGraw-Hill, 1999)
  • Designing Data-Intensive Web Applications (Morgan Kaufmann, 2002)

He is author of more than 200 articles on International Journals and Conference Proceedings, the list of the papers related to database technology is available at:
Recent papers on ACM Transactions and Communications include:
  • 1. D. Braga, A. Campi, S. Ceri. "XQBE (XQuery By Example): a visual interface to the standard XML query language". ACM Transactions on Database Systems, 30(2), 2005, pp. 398-443.
  • 2. I. Manolescu, M. Brambilla, S. Ceri, S. Comai, P. Fraternali. “Model-Driven Design and Deployment of Service-Enabled Web Applications”, ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, TOIT, 5(3), 2005, pp. 439-479.
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An interview and video about Stefano Ceri’s experiences, opinions and vision (in a broad sense) can be found in the “Distinguished Database Profiles” of ACM Sigmod Record, vol. 36 n.1, March 2007, available online at:


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