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He received the Laurea degree (M.Sc. Italian equivalent, 5 years) in Telecommunications Engineering in 2003 and the Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering and Information Technology in 2007 at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He is currently assistant professor at the Department of Electronics and Information, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy. He was research assistant at the Department of Information Technology and Mathematical Methods, University of Bergamo, Dalmine (BG), Italy, where he worked on cryptographic databases and data security and privacy, considering the problems of access control and privacy protection in the data outsourcing scenario. He was also a research engineer at the Advanced System Technology Laboratories (R&D), STMicroelectronics working on software design, development and optimization of cryptographic libraries for smart cards. His research fields cover (1) the area of information security and privacy including access control models, models for encrypted data management in relational databases, and secure data outsourcing; (2) the area of applied cryptography including side-channel cryptanalysis, system-level attacks, and efficient hardware and software design of cryptographic algorithms; other research interests are in designing security support into computer architectures and the logic synthesis of combinatorial circuits.


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