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The research of Stefano Paraboschi has focused on several areas in the computer science field. He worked in the database and information system area (specifically on active rules, view management, data warehouses, workflow management systems), Web technologies (data intensive Web sites, XML)and on information security (security for databases, XML, Web services, P2P networks, data outsourcing, privacy). A group of researchers at the University of Leipzig has recently (August 2005) analyzed citations to papers appeared in the major journals and conferences of the database and information systems area, in the years 1994-2003. This analysis has produced a list of 100 authors with the greatest number of citations (Top 100 DB Authors). Stefano Paraboschi is one of the two Italian researchers appearing in the list. According to a query on April 12th 2009 over the citation data in Google Scholar, his h-index is equal to 31, his g-index is equal to 62, and his works have obtained more than 4000 citations.


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