Curriculum Vitae

Marco Marcon was born in Bollate ( Milan ) in 1972. He completed his studies in Electronic Engineerirng at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy in 1998. He received the Ph.D. in Applied Physics in 2003 from the "Dipartimento di Fisica" of Politecnico of Milano. In 2003 he joined the "Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione" of the Politecnico di Milano, where he is actually working as a research scientist in the Image and Sound Processing Group (ISPG). His current research interests are in the area of Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision for Biometry and 3D object reconstruct from multiple uncalibrated views. He participated to the Origami European project and to the Visnet Network of Excellence and he is participating to its continuation: Visnet II NoE.


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