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Giovanni Paolucci has been doing research in the field of microelectronics since 2010, working on the characterization and modeling of semiconductor integrated devices. He authored or co-authored more than 10 papers in electron devices journals or conference proceedings, winning the "Best Studend Paper Award" at the conference IEEE-International Reliability Physics Symposium (IEEE-IRPS), both in 2013 and 2014. He devoted particular interest to the comprehension of the basic physics involved in the operation and reliability of solid-state technologies for data storage, with emphasis on deca-nanometer NAND Flash memories. In this context, he worked on the statistical modeling of discrete charge trapping and detrapping in the cell tunnel oxide, addressing threshold-voltage instabilities during distributed cycling and bake experiments. Emphasis has been given on the impact of the test scheme on the resulting instabilities, considering thermal activation effects and partial damage recovery in-between program/erase cycles. For a comprehensive analysis of the results, other major reliability issues of nanoscale NAND Flash memories have been dealt with, such as random telegraph noise and few-electron phenomena, investigating also parasitic cell interaction in the NAND string via resistive effects during read.


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