Policultura 2012

The award ceremony of the PoliCultura competition was held at Politecnico on June 6th, 2012, in the presence of the Vice Rector Prof. Alessandro Balducci, Prof. Roberto Negrini, Dean of the 5th School of Engineering, and Prof. Gianantonio Magnani, Chair of the Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione. Thanks to PoliCultura, the Politecnico di Milano brings Technology in Italian Schools, where is too often used only marginally.
PoliCultura is an initiative of the HOC Laboratory of DEI, which has proved of great importance for the effective introduction of technology in education at the national level, and which is one of the most important all over the world. 152 classes from 17 Italian regions participated in the project. These numbers show the success of PoliCultura, which since 2006 is involving the Italian schools, both primary and secondary schools, in the creation of multi-media and multi-channel narratives, using the 1001Storia engine, developed by the HOC Laboratory. About 19,800 students (from kindergarten to high school) had presented 792 works on topics as diverse as history, physics, art, food. This is definitely the most important Italian experience for numbers and impact.
See the winning schools at: http://www.policultura.it/edizioni/2011-2012/vincitori.html